Board of Directors & Staff
SWCD Board of Directors members are elected to serve two year terms. Directors must be of legal voting age and either occupy or own land with in the boundaries of the District. Directors are elected on an altering basis, with two elected in one year and three elected in the next year. The election is held the week before the District's Annual Meeting. Anyone interested in conversation can serve as an associate director. Associates have no term and no voting rights. SWCD staff are state employees, while NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) staff are federal employees.

Joann Hartman, Chair
Terry Matzenbacher, Vice Chair
Pat Wetzel, Treasurer
Lyle Wessel, Secretary
Myron Neff, Director

Harvey Hoffman
Ralph Buettner
Larry Scace
Ron Solich
Jay Vogt
Harry Reichert, Jr.

Cindy Zipfel
Administrative Coordinator
Freedom of Information Act
(FOIA) Officer

John Harryman
District Conservationist

Paul Kremmel
Resource Analyst

Gladys Fennoy
Soil Conservation Technician
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